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Welcome to Wounded Woodworkers, where passion, craftsmanship, and a noble mission come together. Our founder, a disabled military veteran, turned his pain into healing by creating stunning works of art through woodworking. We support the recovery of wounded warriors and their families.

Every creation from our workshop showcases the resilience of those who have served. We focus on excellence, crafting each piece meticulously to meet our customers' unique specifications and desires. Our products hold a personal connection, reminding you of the strength and sacrifice of our wounded warriors.

As a small, veteran-owned business, we are deeply rooted in our community. We give back by donating a portion of every sale to organizations dedicated to supporting our heroes' healing journey. When you choose Wounded Woodworkers, you become an active participant in a cause greater than any individual or product.

Together, we can achieve more. Your purchase helps us bring joy and meaning to the lives of wounded warriors and their families. Join us in creating a world where beauty, compassion, and the healing power of woodworking unite to inspire and uplift. Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey.

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